Salt Lake City Breast Implants and Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement with Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fryer - Silicone or Saline Breast Implants available

Enhancing the size and shape of your breasts is possible with a surgical procedure known as breast augmentation, breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty. Over 350,000 women elected to undergo breast enhancement surgery in 2007. Breast enhancement is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. along with body contouring (tummy tuck and liposuction) and rhinoplasty.

Women may decide to have breast augmentation for many different reasons. Some women want to improve their self-confidence by increasing their breast size. Many want to restore the youthful shape and volume of their breasts that was lost due to pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss, or aging. Other women want to improve the symmetry of their breasts which are different sizes or shapes. And some want to balance the size of their breasts with their lower body to improve the harmony of their shape. Sometimes a breast lift is also required to optimize the breast enhancement surgery. (Click here for more information on breast lifts.)

Whatever your motivation for pursuing breast augmentation you can be assured that Salt Lake City plastic surgeon Dr. Fryer will help you achieve the beauty and confidence you desire. Your complimentary breast augmentation consultation will begin with Dr. Fryer and his staff listening to your concerns and hopes. You will be educated about the basics of breast augmentation including various surgical options and different implants. Dr. Fryer's goal is to individualize the breast enhancement experience to fulfill your expectations and desires.

After a thorough review of your medical history, Salt Lake City plastic surgeon Dr. Fryer will take specific measurements of your breasts and chest. This information is necessary for Dr. Fryer to give you his professional opinion regarding a range of breast implant sizes that will provide you with a natural feel and appearance of your breasts. You will then "try on" breast implant sizers in order to approximate what breast augmentation with that breast implant will look like after your surgery. This also helps you communicate your desires and expectations by taking an active process in deciding which breast implant is right for you.

Your breast enhancement surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in our state-of-the-art, fully accredited plastic surgery center located in the adjacent suite of Dr. Fryer's Draper plastic surgery office. General anesthesia is used for your comfort and safety. To help you understand the surgical process for breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries Dr. Fryer has provided animated explanations on this website.

Your breast augmentation surgery requires only a short recovery in the plastic surgery center. You will be sent home in a bra designed to keep your breast implants in the correct position. Discomfort is easily controlled with oral medications. Dr. Fryer encourages his patients to move and stretch their arms, but to avoid strenuous arm or chest exercise for six weeks to allow the tissues to heal correctly around the breast implants. At your first post-operative visit you will be evaluated to ensure that you aren't experiencing any of the infrequent complications of breast augmentation and will be given instructions on breast implant massage that can help avoid capsular contracture and keep your breasts feeling and looking natural.

After your surgery you may wonder why you didn't elect to have breast enhancement sooner! If you're like most of Dr. Fryer's patients you will feel more self-confident, sexier, and more attractive than ever before. Satisfied breast augmentation patients frequently refer their friends and family to Dr. Fryer to receive the same personalized attention, professional surgical skill, and natural outcomes.

The specific risks and the suitability of breast enlargement can be determined only during your consultation with Salt Lake City plastic surgeon Dr. Fryer. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk, but major complications are unusual.

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